Flex Board Rack

The Flex board rack adds a lot of flexibility to the storage of all of your boards. This rack features four board slots that are able to store nearly every board on the market. 


Watch https://www.ballofspray.com's John Horton do an unboxing of our Flex Board Rack.


Elm Bowl pic 1.JPG

Hopper Design Works is a home goods store that aims to bring a level of sustainability back to the market place. We have found ourselves surrounded by mass produced products that are often only meant to last a short time. By creating products that are meant to last generations we hope to encourage people to go back to their special salad bowl or cutting board over and over to create new memories and a stronger connection with the piece. 

Walnut Hollow Form.jpg

All of my wood is locally sourced and crafted through each stage of the process by my team and me. We work very hard to sustainably harvest hardwoods and give them a new life through the production of one-off functional works of art. By being able to work with the material from start to finish, a bond is created that plays into the design of each piece. While searching for the right tree to harvest I am able to see just how beautiful the natural environment is. This plays into our design process

by creating products in a way that signifies the natural beauty our earth has to offer. Either by utilizing the

natural-edge, allowing the piece to warp into an organic shape, or by showing off the beautiful grain patterns we are able to bring the beauty found in the forrest right into your home. 


Contact us through our contact page to order your very own work of art.