One of my main goals in life is to be able to create products that people love to use. Through woodworking I have been able to create a variety of products that people really love. The process of taking wood and turning it into a beautiful and functional works of art is very fulfilling for me. I believe we are supposed to create a connection to the products that we use everyday in life. This starts with buying high quality products that are designed to last many seasons of life, helping you build a connection with each item you use on a daily basis. 


As I build skills in other mediums I find the same joy, but on a much higher level. The idea of being able to create anything we can think of by utilizing an array of materials is very motivating and is something that my team and I are pushing for.


I built Hopper Design Works in order to relay my team and I's ideas to the public. We strive to design our products to not only function incredibly well, but also to be beautiful. As we create functional works of art we hope to be able to make an impact on our environment by encouraging people to create relationships with lasting products instead of utilizing throw away products. 

Bradley Hopper



Topeka, KS 

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